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1984 Porsche 944 WP0AA0945EN457615

Here's some other fantastic 944 sites.  Remember that we only give a link if we have personally endorsed it as being good stuff.  If we have it here, then you know that we stand behind it 100%!  We don't take advertising dollars from these companies, and we post their links because we believe in what they do, and what they have to offer.  We stand firmly behind these products and sites.

http://www.realride.com/  ...These guys RACE their 944s!  They also have some intense in-car footage.  Check them out!

http://www.thermotec.com/products.html ...We use ONLY Thermo-Tec heat shield products on our cars to prevent heat damage to sensitive parts.  We use it on our cars and we recommend it above and beyond the other stuff out there.  Thermo-tec makes a fantastic header wrap which also can be wrapped around the muffler and intermediate exhaust pipes.  This will cut down on the heat that ends up shortening the life of the CVs and CV boots in your 924 and 944.

http://www.russellperformance.com/ ...Russell Performance makes a great set of Speed Bleeders for the brakes on the 924 and 944.  Let me save you some time and trouble... The 944 uses Russell Part #3956 for the front, and #3957 for the rear brake bleeders.  [Our 924 with the special brakes used #3957 for front and rear.]  These brake bleeders will allow you to successfully bleed the brakes on the 924 or 944 so fast that you will wonder WHY you ever did it any way else.  A full set of 4 bleeders for the 924 or 944 cost between $20 and $30.   Remember that brake fluid attracts moisture, and moisture destroys your braking system!  Save some big cash and bleed your brakes once a year, or worst case... once every other year.  $10 of brake fluid is much cheaper than a new master cylinder and brake lines!  Our 944 has it's original braking system from the cylinder to the calipers.

http://www.ogracing.com/ ...These guys have some fantastic motorsports and competition stuff for your 924 or 944.  Not only do they have the best prices on the web, but they are also owned by PCA members.   Fantastic selection!  We won't get items from anywhere else.  Their expertise and professionalism puts them above the rest.

Our 944 was obtained from our good friends, the Palmers.  If you have some computer applications or web site development and you want the job done right, go to them:   check them out at Oneleaf.com!

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